Print an Inventory List

The software allows a user to print hard copy lists of the Inventory.
There are several methods available to select what items to print including category , Non-Inventory and Cycle Count.
For Cycle Count there is a field in the software that can be setup to identify items that need to be counted on a regular basis.
A user can then print a list of just those items and do a physical count then update the Inventory to reflect the correct quantity.
When generating the report there are several formats to choice from , including simple , detail, with pictures and with Barcodes/
In multi-Warehouse mode there is an option to exclude zero quantity which will collect only those items that have a quantity
greater than zero for the selected warehouse.


Print Inventory Report Type 1

Print Inventory Report Type 2

Print Inventory Report Type 3

Print Inventory Report Type 4

Print Inventory Report Type 5