Assembly Bill of Materials

What is a Bill of Materials?
A Bill of Materials is a comprehensive list of parts needed to build a product.
The Bill of Materials software module allows you to easily create and maintain a detailed BOM of the Inventory components that make up your finished items and sub assembly Components.
As the production of each finished product is Started,the component items used are automatically removed from inventory.
When the Assembly floor personal are finished building the products are automatically received into inventory.
Items may be added, deleted or modified. Multi-Level Bill of materials can be viewed from the tree view control.
The bill of materials module links components and raw materials together into assembled or finished sub-assemblies and are used by the workorder screen.

Assembly Bill Of materials

This software module was designed from within an electronic manafacturing company.
The engineering department had a large part in the design of this software module.
The first requirement was the ability to locate the correct inventory part with the least amount of information.
A unique inventory stock search engine was devoloped to allow inventory items to be found using nine different methods.
The second requirement was the ability to display and edit each Bill of material sub-level in a single screen.
A multi-level tree view control was added to this software module.
The engineering department wanted a simple history view to enable them to see when an inventory part has been added or removed from the Bill of Materials.
Later the production department required a more extensive tracking of the changes made to the Bill of materials.
An Engineering Change Order screen was added to track ALL changes made to the Bill of material.
Once a Bill is released to production it no longer can be changed with this software screen , it will require an E.C.O. to generated.