Inventory Software Training Demos


A Quick Overview of the Capabilities that Visual Inventory Control can Provide

The Basic Screens

Looking up Inventory with the Locate Item Screen
Adding item Categories into the Inventory Software with the Category View/Edit Screen
Adding Items to the Inventory Software using the Item Master Screen
Users are Added with the Employee View/Enter Screen
Printing User Barcode Name Badges with the Generate Barcode Name Screen
Adding Project / Account Numbers with the Account Name View/Enter Screen
Viewing the Parts that have Been Removed from Inventory with the View Requisition Screen
Adding Part Images with the Resize and Upload Image Screen
Printing Barcode Labels with the Print Labels Screen
Removing a Part Quantity with a Wired Barcode Scanner
Removing a Part Quantity with a Batch Barcode Scanner
Removing a Part Quantity with a Wireless RF Real Time Barcode Scanner
Optional Employee Time Tracking with the Employee Time Tracking Screen
Setting up User Passwords with the Change Password Screen

Viewing / Entering Purchase Orders

Searching / Adding Supplier Information with the Supplier Screen
Searching / Adding Purchase Orders with the Purchase Screen
Receiving Inventory items with the Purchase Screen
Returning an Item to a Vendor with the Purchase Screen
Second Source Supplier Information with the Purchase Screen
Displaying Purchase History with the Purchase Reports Screen
Displaying Items that have Been Received with the Purchase Receiving Report Screen
Creating a Purchase Order Requiring Less Information using UPC Barcode Lookup with the Speed Purchase Screen
Hidden Functions in the Purchase Screen
Display the Inventory Parts that Fell Below the Re-Order Point with the View Parts to Re-Order Screen
Adding / Viewing Requests from the Stockroom with the View Stockroom Orders Screen
Seting up a Back Order with the Stockroom Back Order Screen
Seting up a Back Order with the Stockroom Back Order Screen

Viewing Entering Sales Orders

Searching / Adding Customer Information with the Customer Screen
Searching / Adding Sales Orders with the Sales Screen
Adding a Group of Parts to a Sales Order with a Sales Order Template
Creating a Packing List for a Sales Order with the Packing List Screen
Displaying Sales History with the Sales Report Screen
Displaying Gross Profit with the Gross Profit Report Screen

Viewing Entering Quotations

Searching / Adding Quotations with the Quotation Screen

Viewing Entering Quotations

Searching / Adding Proposals with the Proposal Screen
Displaying Porposal History with the Proposal Report Screen

A Complete Manufacturing Solution with the MRP Functions

Creating a Bill of Materials with the Assembly Screen
Decrementing Inventory Quantity for a Complete Assembly Build with the Work Order Screen
Displaying Quantity in W.I.P. (Work in Progress) with the W.I.P. Report Screen
Displaying ALL Work Order Shortages with the View W.I.P Shortage Screen
Displaying / Printing Work Order Information with the Work Order Report Screen
Hidden Functions in the Work Order Screen
Planning / Forecasting for a Top Level Assembly with the Planning Screen
Assembly labor Hours and Burden Cost
Revision Control with the Release Assembly to Production Screen
Making Changes to a Bill of Materials with an Engineering Change Order (E.C.O.)
Displaying All E.C.O's that have been Created with the E.C.O. Report Screen
Auto Creation of Purchase Orders Required to Build a Top Level Assembly with the Build Order Screen
Create a Template of Parts to Add to the Build Order with the Build Order Template Screen
Setting up Operations and Signoffs for a Work Order Travler