100% Picture Driven Inventory

That Picture is Worth a Lot of Words and Saves a Lot of Time

How long does it take to know you have the right part number?
How many Warehouse workers does it take to get an order right?
How long does it take for new warehouse staff to learn the inventory?
Not as long, not as many and not necessary, when the pictures match!
Does your warehouse staff get the correct part when they need a SPDT-1445 Switch or do they get the SPDT-1554 Switch?
It is much more likely they will get the correct inventory part when the picture on the pick ticket matches the picture on the bin.
When the pick ticket provides the picture in addition to the part number and barcode, the order is filled correctly the first time.

Purchase Inventory Screen              Inventory Supplier Screen

Purchase Order Screen                                                             Supplier Screen

Purchase Order Print              Inventory Employee

Purchase Order Print-Out                                                     Employee / User Screen

Inventory Barcode labels              Inventory Category

Print Employee Barcode Badges                                                     Inventory Category

Charge Accounts              Lookup Inventory Information

Inventory Charge Accounts                                                       Inventory Location Screen

Barcode Functions                        Parts to Re-Order

Functions for Barcode Scanner Screen                                      Parts that Need to be Re-Ordered

Orders From Stock Room                Print Inventory

Orders From Stock Room                                                   Print an Inventory List