Create a Plan for Manufacturing

Advanced Planning will Reduce Inventory Shortages

A manufacturing plan informs the user what inventory is needed to build the assembly.
There are several options available to refine the plan.
Some of these options include the ability to include inventory parts in WIP along with limiting the report
to display only the items that have a long lead time.
The ability to scan through the pictures makes expediting the parts much easier.
The manufacturing plan can also allow prior plan allocation, which will add the quantity of all items.

Manufacturing Plan

The planning shortage report includes all the information needed to efficiently expedite the inventory shortages.
This information includes the bill of materials item number, manufacturing quantity in W.I.P.
along with the stock quantity and purchase information.
The report can be updated at any time by the 'Planning Software' screen.
Utilizing the features of the manufacturing plan, your inventory will remain at the optimum stock levels.

Manufacturing Plan Shortage Report